My Sissy Boy Friend... Complete Humiliation!

"OMG, Lauren, please faster and harder...OMG!"
 Sissy Abigail.....LOL! Don't you love his new "Daisy May" look?

 He could not hear me laughing softly in the shadows as he was moaning and begging too loudly.

I just could not resist buying that silicon-latex prosthetic vagina-gaff for his birthday. I was quite fascinated as a woman to read about it, really.

Some guy clearly took the photos as they were vulgar but, still instructive. In fact the "model" looked so "lady-like" in doggie position I was a bit suspicious that it was one of those manipulated Internet photo's of a real woman.

Still, I couldn't resist! So, I sent in his sissy-boy measurements and spent $500.

His reaction when he unwrapped it was priceless. Evidently wearing a vagina that leads to your boy love canal was one step over the line. Fascinating, really but it was about the only thing left that might make him less of a man. That of course meant that he HAD to wear it!

The argument did not last long and shortly I was helping him get the thing on. He complained the whole time that he was cleansing and his eyes really widened when the Prosthesis found its resting place, as I worked the powerful latex straps up around his waist.

He tried to quickly to pull up his panties but I made him turn and bend at the waist.

"What?"he moaned standing up when I laughed.  He turned to glare at me while pulling up his pink panties as I was starring pointedly at the blond fluffy muff that was now visible to me. I had to admit that the panties looked quite proper in their fit, now.

"What, you don't mind having those little boobies for a chest but the toy I bought you... bothers you?" I said sarcastically referring to the results of HIS female hormone experimentation.

"I just wanted them more sensitive and a little bigger for when you...." he said defensively as he put on one of his sad little B-cup underwire bras. The poor thing has the chest of a late blooming 13 year old at the moment, but those "vitamin B" shots he has been getting in the bottom the last few months? Well they stand for "Big Boobies!"

"Well, lets just say that, if I am going to have a sissy boyfriend?  He, is going to have tits to be proud of!"

As I wanted to see the true value of my investment, I decided on super tight denim short-shorts, and a matching country "girl" lace trimmed denim top. Platform stilettos of course! Within the hour I had this very hot sissy hybrid of Madonna and Elli-May Clampet!

"You don't want me to wear a dress or a skirt...even?" he said baffled while trying discretely to get the shorts out of his cracks. The funniest part then was watching him sneak peeks at his new "below the waist" female look as he tried to tug down the very tight shorts.

"Oh, no, I like this country trash look...I think it's you really. Now, let's go tempt some boys," I said tossing him his purse. He carries a purse all the time, BTW, and despite his denials he loves to tempt real boys. But it is in the way of a budding teenage girl, flirty, looking for endorsement, really innocent of the potential consequences.

Well, he was tall, slim and very pretty and looked every bit a simple country girl sort of slut. As usual he got a bit frightened near the construction workers. The cat-calls were very rude but he pranced before that rough group.

"You sissy whore!" I thought then.

 I sent him scurrying back to the apartment. The sight of his plump bottom wriggling, packed into those shorts as he scurried off was very "moistening" to my nether regions.

Well, it was mean, OK, I admit it but I wanted to watch it.... not do it! Ok, I wanted to watch my sissy get his new cherry popped by a real man...OK..I said!

Ok, I was deceitful too! But I loved it!

I went back, put on something sexy and one of my Strap-ons. Sissy would not allow that but then I drove the poor thing crazy, promising to take "her" virginity later.

"Well, it is new and you have never done it like that, and besides your boy stuff is all packed up in there so?" I argued with way too easy persuasion.

 I even put on a loop of Madonna's "Like a Virgin" and sent my sissy to get ready on the sofa.  I peeked in to see if  my sissy was ready. LOL! Well sissy had his tight shorts and pretty panties down and the new "feminine" view could not have been more enticing to a male, including the one I motioned in.

  "See, I told you that she was horny," I whispered. I then proceeded through the shadow to watch the fun.

Well, it did not take long for sissy to realize that I was not the one banging his plump girly ass-vagina like a... a drum! Oh, there was a bit of a struggle, but then, "SISSY" went face down and new pussy up!

Disappointing? Yes, but, the fun of watching him now suffer the shame of a teenage girl who is branded as a slut for a romantic indiscretion...LOL? PRICELESS!

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