Sissy Torments

Ok, I don't really get the whole "Sissy" rational and it isn't really my genre but it is kind of cute, and amusing in a masochistic sort of way. I am not mocking  members of the "Sissy" community either. It seems clear to me that there is an intersection between that community and the TG community where humiliation comes into play as a component of the experience.

I mean some of my best friends are "Sissies" right Stevie? :)  Sissy Stevie and I co-authored a story at Fictionmania a ways was fun and a rather ribald send up on Goldilocks and The Three Bears. I learned a lot about how at least one "Sissy" sees things. So, I decided to devote a page to "Sissy Torment". I titled it thus as it strikes me that the idea is for a loving dominating woman to keep her sissy boy in a state of perpetually arousing humiliation. I may not have that right but that's how I am going to play it.


"Bring her to one of my parties sometime Sandy.
I know some old bears who would love to
pull her pretty panties down!"
"Well, I am not sure that Taffy there is ready for
the rough trade but thanks for the invitation," Sandy Crane said trying to sound as relaxed as she could. It was not easy when you where a newbie talking to Ursula Major.

Ursula was a legend in the S&M community and her clients were only to drawer power brokers. Rumor had it that Ursula could get anything fixed or anything broken. She was an invaluable friend and she had no enemies, they were all dead or ruined.

 "Taffy", simpered silently beside them blushing fiercely  as the two women discussed "her" merits as a sex object for brutish gay men. It was quite terrifying and "Taffy" loved every second of it.

"Oh Sandy, don't be a killjoy hon. Look at her so darling, and that pretty face? We could put her in a room with some rough big boys and just watch for laughs. Three guys, only two orifices, someone is gonna be frustrated, but not her!"

"Mistress Sandy, please..."

"Hush sweetie, we are talking. Hmmm, maybe that would be fun."

"I know a few women who would have some fun with her too, if that is more her style. Maybe you should move him up to a school girl look?"

"Actually I was thinking of that, Maybe first grade or so, little smocked dresses and such? Maybe braids?"

"Braids? Oh, definitely and a short floral Laura Ashley sort of look? A little Princess Mommies girl would really turn on one of my clients," Ursula chuckled huskily.

"OOOOOHHHHHHH,........NOOOOOOO," Taffy moaned as his bulging panties darkened with the viscous spontaneous emission. The two women shook their heads and laughed.

" You naughty, naughty girl! Ursula that was just mean,"Sandy said looking at the evidence now running down into his stockings.

"I know, that is why I am the best, but you keep up the good work, and seriously, bring sissy there around. I think we could make a real girly-girl out of him."

"You come with me Missy, lucky I have fresh panties for you!"


The Unhappy, "Happy Meal"?

"Nonsense, a growing girl like you needs a nice lunch, now SIT!"

Olivia stood by, watching "her" eat the Hello Kitty happy meal. She demanded small girlish bites and very thorough chewing of "Daphne", as he liked to be called.

She had never thought that she would "Daphne" to a public venue before, but now the idea of  that as the place to end their odd relationship somehow appealed.

  It was a bit overcast but other than that it was a beautiful spring day! It was a perfect day for a little girl to push her dolly about and enjoy the admiration of the public.

It took a bit to coax Daphne out after she was properly attired. She was clearly nervous but she was received with mostly good humor, well, except for a couple of the "orthodox" Tranny types who amusingly thought that they were actually women and had to say something catty. Reactions were mixed  but most folks just minded their own business.

"Well, you finish your Happy Meal sweetie, I have to go find a ladies room, ok?"

"Yeth Mummy," Daphne lisped taking a tiny bit of a french fry and chewing it diligently.

"That is my good girl," Olivia said gently. She walked leisurely down the elevated walk to the stairs. She wondered how long Daphne would sit their before she realized that "Mummy" had grown tired and left her to fend for herself?

Fair Weather Friends?
"That's affirmative, I am taking lunch now, 10-4"
As a police officer Winona Walker knew the look of panic on a persons face when she saw it. She was not sure that was adequate to describe the expression on the made up face of the grown man in Hello Kitty attire coming toward her.

The small segment of floral ruffles that showed beneath his rain attire indicated that he was probably better off well covered. She was pretty sure that he was dressed to fit in perfectly at any little girls birthday party.

When "Missy" spotted officer Walker "she" hesitated and her reaction was both comic and pathetic. Officer Walker chose to smile reassuringly.  After all, it was not illegal to be publicly humiliated and she knew more than one male officer that she would love to put into a party dress and parade around. They would probably like it, she thought sardonically, as the stern looking woman and her struggling sissy partner grew closer.

Sissy, reassured by her smile scurried to catch up clearly fearful of being left behind and clearly having some trouble with his pink rain boots. Like many things that girls wore they looked cute as hell but were not very functional.

"Priscilla, you ridiculous sissy boy, hurry along, I have a busy day, you need to keep up!"

"Audrey, please I never thought we would leave the apartment, I mean it is pouring..where did you get this stuff!"

"I used my rainy day fund silly," Audrey said giving officer Walker a big wink.

Officer Walker knew Audrey Bergstrom.  Audrey was an upscale Mistress who specialized in "Sissification"and actually was a pretty nice woman.   Officer Walker felt mischievous it was lunch break after all.

"Is there a problem? Ma'am?" Winona said working hard to suppress her smile as Audrey read her thoughts immediately.  The sissy was not so quick and stopped literally cowering.

"Well, yes, I found this little girl wandering around, evidently she has lost her mommy," Audrey said, pointing her thumb back casually at her cowering client.

"Oh, how sad, I will gladly take her to the station and perhaps she knows her address, and Mommies phone number, do you sweetie?"

The outburst of tears and crying explanation made both Winona and Audrey laugh, they were always so important, these men????

"I don't suppose he works for the IMF does he?"  Winona said with a chuckle.

"No, he would rather wear a maids uniform and be sexually assaulted, sorry," Audrey said motioning her whimpering client to move along.


Sissy Has A Bad day!
"Well, don't think you are getting another
one Miss Prissy Pants!"

It wasn't bad enough that his hot dominating girlfriend had successfully turned him into a simpering little sissy for her personal enjoyment? he was a public symbol of clever female domination!

She had him answering to "Victoria" now, and she no longer gave him any sexual favors or attention for donning his humiliating wardrobe of baby girl apparel. Now, being Victoria was the sexual turn on and often her diapers were an important necessity!

Today was a first though, as Victoria was out and about on roller skates! Victoria had never, ever ,roller skated and so "her" screeches of fright and floundering were quite real and very funny to watch. As "Victoria" struggled down the street people stared and chuckled openly, and that really excited Victoria who was now certain that her diaper would soon come in handy once again.

The teenage  girls at the ice cream store cackled as Victoria timidly placed her order at the service window under "Mommy's" watchful eye. Mommy and her new girlfriend did not hide their amused disdain for poor "Vicky" as they sucked face at a table outside the store nearby. Victoria was so pleased as she returned Mommy the change and felt very much a big girl....but then it happened......shplunck went her strawberry double dip cone!

Victoria's chin began to quiver, then tears welled in her eyes, then a little sob and a plaintive look toward Mommy. Mommy and her girlfriend howled and immediately scolded Vicky for being such a clumsy sissy. Vicky began to cry and suddenly was overcome by a body wracking shudder that made her smile as her diaper began to feel very sticky and warm.  Mommy will be very mad about this Vicky, thought and then giggled.

Lost In Translation?
"Well, Greg, I mean Gretchen  maybe boys do wear that sort of
stuff in Japan, and I am not saying that you
don't look really sweet, but.....

Ever since their family had spent a year in Japan, Harajuka in particular, her brother Greg had not been the same. He obsessed over a rock star named "Mana Sama" who was supposedly a guy but looked like the girliest girl that Melanie had ever seen. They had been back in California a year now and it was just getting worse, and this was the worst!

She thought that her mother was crazy for endulging him but for some reason she thought it was harmless role play fantasy. Melanie was not so sure. His hair was now to his shoulders and styled like a girls would be. Worse he now wore only his Lolita fashions, replete with makeup and accessories and behaved like you might expect that sort of girl to behave!

Melanie's girlfriends teased her unmercifully about her male sister which did not help her "acceptance" factor one bit. She was now coping by pretending that he was just a perfectly normal sweet little sister who she called Gretchen as it was close to his real name.

"Yes, you look really nice Gretchen, uh, now go find mom and help her shop the girls and I are trying to skateboard here ok, honey?"

Melanie pushed off not looking back and ignoring her giggling friends who were not following rather enjoying playfully teasing Gretchen who simpered and blushed as well as any sissy boy possibly could at the attention.

"Skateboarding looks very dangerous I would never be brave enough to try that," Melanie heard Gretchen simper as she stopped to await her friends to follow.

"Oh, I would be glad to give you lessons sweetheart, but you would need to get your mommy to buy you something pretty for that, a dress isn't really the right thing," her best friend Eileen said half mocking but also half serious.

"Would you, really, Eileen? Oh, I saw something in one of the shops earlier, oh, I have to find mother, oh thank you Eileen, when???"

Well, the good news Melanie thought was that the other's were laughing at Eileen now!

"You better not try to get into my brother's panties Eileen," Melanie said trying to be funny but Eileen's expression rather wiped the smile off of Melanie's face.


Irrational Exuberance?
" Look, I even have bows on my panties!"
"Oh, this is going to work just perfect," Mark chortled as he made little girlish jumps onto his toes and clapped his hands together with dainty pats.

"Mark, do you have any idea how you..."

"It's Marsha and I look like any other girl going to a party, I do you know!" Mark interrupted petulantly clearly smitten with his own reflection in his sister's mirror.

His sisters just looked at each other. None of them ever had nor ever would put on anything as demeaning as their brother was wearing. If he were a girl they would be embarrassed for "her" but this?

"Well, I am getting a picture of him, or else mom won't believe it, or anyone else!' Linda his oldest sister said as she fetched her camera. She returned rather certain that "Marsha" would have serious reservations about having his picture taken and perhaps come to his senses. She was wrong and Mark twirled about and showed off his frilly undies with an almost obscene giggle.

"Turn around you little exhibitionist pervert," Linda groaned as blue floral panties with tiny bows filled her view finder.

"You are not going to fool anyone MARSHA! Danny and his little gang are gonna cream you if not worse, just take your punishment and fight like a boy, ok?" Barbara said rolling her eyes at her sister Jill who just shrugged.

"Well, you can't blame him for not wanting to get his butt kicked," Jill said trying to sound supportive but failing pretty badly.

"Hey, we warned him that Danny was not going to take having the air let out of his bike tires lightly, but nooo, so now he wants to pound you, sheesh what did you expect?" Linda growled taking several pictures of her simpering brother.

"Danny and his stupid friends are dopes. Ginny McKenzie is having a birthday party and everyone in the neighborhood knows it. It is one of those stupid girls only ones so a lot of girls are going. She lives right by the park and I hid some boys stuff in the bathroom there. I will just push my doll buggy with the fake present right past Danny and his goons. Once I get by the park I just duck in and change, and off  I go to Freds! They wouldn't dream of bothering a pretty little girl like me," Mark concluded with a faint lisp, as if he were Clarence Darrow making closing arguments at the Scopes trial.

Barbara, Linda, and Jill helped "Marsha" get her doll buggy out on the front walk.

"I may even let them see my panties," Mark giggled nervously bending just a little to much as he began to simper down the walk pushing his buggy.

"Shouldn't we do something...I mean he looks..well," Jill fretted.

"The word RIDICULOUS comes to mind, and no, if that is what he thinks girls are like, well,"

"She deserves it?" Linda said finishing Barbara's thought concisely.

Just as the girls began to worry the phone rang and Linda quickly picked up as they were all concerned that Mark had been pummeled into ruffled goo.

"Well, if Danny and his thugs knew it was you and you had to run to Ginny's and her mom ran them off, what is the problem, ? Oh, they are teasing you?" Imagine that mean Ginny and her friends are teasing poor little Marsha, poor baby!" Barbara said watching her sisters stifle their laughing.

"Oh, hi Ginny, yes I know, we tried to talk him out of it, but can see for yourself. No, MARSHA doesn't have to go anywhere this weekend, did she tell you that? Of course she can stay over,  I can drop off some things for here? Yes I agree something a bit more grown up, maybe a cute baby doll and something to wear tomorrow to go to the mall?"

Linda hung up clearly able to hear Marks screeching protests about not wanting anything done to his real hair!


An Old Fashion Girl?

"No, really we put you in the date auction and like 10
guys are bidding on you!"
The whole thing was disquieting for the "Sisters" of Alpha Moo. Still, they did put a good face on it all.

It was something of a a kind of sissy boy freshman pledge and cajole...force him to submit to being feminized for spring weekend as his pledge "mission".

The tactic was always the same, but lately it had not been that gratifying. Not only did you make the poor boy "do up" in the most feminine outfits, and full make up, but you threw him in the "dating auction" mix the sororities used to raise money for charity.

The boy victims always "cleaned up" rather nicely, being young and slender and fair of face but...their outfits always "outed them" and made it all very funny...for the Sisters who were posted to the "auction" in their T-shirts, and hip hugging jeans.

"Sissy boy is raising more than all of us together...20 guys now bidding," Marsha said, shaking her head in dismay.

"What..that is nuts, but it was all a joke?  All that stuff about babies, being a mom, and being here to find a husband?" Moira said it with so much disdain that Marsha felt the need to nod vigorously.

"I don't are such fat heads, I mean she, no he is just a piece of fluff..look at him? Sorry, Tim, nothing personal, ok? "Donna said as she powdered his nose.

"Uh, no..that's ok...I mean, do I really have to wear theses shoes?"

"Hey I found the perfect bag for him!"

"Yes, and wow that is gorgeous! Designer shoes, designer wonder the boys want her!" Marsha crowed with a very faint laugh.

"I feel really silly," Tim muttered as he stood and adjusted down his dress.

"Well, you should you POSER," Helen said trying not to let her clammy nether parts betray her.

"Damn, I am gonna bid, why waste that on some guy?" Nellie said as she turned to her laptop.


One of the girls?

"Oh, Patrick, stop it! Being a girl is fun, now I have to get to
work.  It is a beautiful day so you girls get outside and play!
"OK, mom, now hold still Patricia, I am almost finished then you can see!"

Patrick hated visiting his Aunt Emily, but could never work up the nerve to tell his mother why.

Aunt Emily was divorced and had two daughters.  Cassandra and Phoebe, neither of whom liked boys at all!

They were the bane of Patricks existence when he was forced to be with them. That occurred when his own divorced mother or his Aunt traveled on business as they agreed to care for each others kids in support of each other

It had never been good, but until now the girls had stayed at Patricks home. His cousins were older and bossed him around. They always teased him about being pretty and sometimes called him "Patsy" when his friends were around. It was true he had long hair as his mother adored it but he couldn't help that....yet.

The worst part of their visits was that they were always trying to do stuff with his hair or get him to put on lipstick or makeup. He agreed once with the assurance of total secrecy at his mothers insistence. She was sure it would be sooooo cute and her pleading was irritating. It was the worst mistake! His friends showed up out of the blue to find him wearing makeup and his hair in a girlish style with a bow! His friends thought it was hilarious and Cassandra evilly said that they should call him Patricia from now on!  That name didn't stick but Patsy did! He really hated them for that one!

But this, now at their house? The moment his Aunt went off to work they were upon him! They were older and bigger and even stronger than he was.......something they laughingly noted as they wrestled him out of his own clothing and into his first of many girlish ensembles. How bad it would be only finally sank in when his Aunt came home and found "Patsy" in the midst of her piano lesson wearing a very ruffled pale blue dress with matching bows in her hair.

"Oh, isn't that adorable, I see you girls had fun today! Well, why don't the three of you help with dinner?"


No one could have been happier than George when his ill disguised "desire" floated as a Halloween costume idea was rather eagerly accepted by his then new girlfriend Wendy.

When he finally left the apartment with her for the Halloween party he could hardly recognized himself! He was dressed in a lavish Bo-Peep costume, with full make up and about five pounds of blond curls under his bonnet. Wendy for her part was dressed as a very sexy sheep wearing a flesh colored body suit and only enough "wool" to adhere to provide a bit of modesty.

They were very well received and sometime during the course of the evening, after a few libations he confessed he would like to be a "little Girl" the next year.

"Ahhh, that is so sweet, but why wait a whole year, sweetie? I will make you something really cute for next weekend!" Wendy had giggled giving her sheep's tale a flirty flip and wriggling her bottom  while making a cute BAHHHHing noise.

George had been beside himself with wonderment at his good fortune and that lead to a very long week of anxious waiting. Wendy was too good to be true, she wouldn't really bother, were among his thoughts as he rang her door bell. Two hours later "Georgette" was holding her doll and listening to "Aunt Wendy" read her a rather long story suitable for a little girl Georgette's age. It was a dream come true but also a bit boring.

Now Georgette spends her entire weekend with "Aunt Wendy" and George is not at all sure what to do. Any protests are treated as those of a petulant little girl and more than one thinly veiled threat spoke to some pictures of "Georgette" having her temperature taken by Auntie in that very intrusive childish way that George wanted no one to ever see!

"Don't be silly sweetie, girls your age don't watch football, now get in your play pen while Auntie works on "Georgette's" Blog. You know that you have quite a fan club especially those pictures of you in your Disney Princess Nightie getting ready for bed. Now, now we discussed this, no pouting, you need to earn your keep darling. Now, get in your play pen while Auntie gets her new camera!


Baby Cakes
"Guys would you put Penelope there in her stroller, please"
When the girls at the "Alpha Moo" Sorority were through with Eric there was no doubt what his pledge assignment was. "Little Penelope" was "ok" with the hazing until the girls made "her" waddle outside to the pink stroller as his diaper was huge.

He knew it was just payback for getting a little too drunk at one of their stupid "socials"and Jane had told him that since the brothers sent the pledges to them for hell week,  they were going to make him dress like a baby for his pledge ordeal. What she did not say was that he would be a girl baby! Eric decided then and there that being a "brother" wasn't worth it!

Before Eric could say anything in protest to "going public" Lillian forced the pink pacifier into his mouth. It's glue laden plastic rim stuck immediately and its bulb full of mouth numbing "Oral gel" soon rendered his entire mouth numb. His efforts to protest made "really cute" gurgling sounds.

As he struggled with the group trying to force him into the stroller, one of the girls closed his hand about the glue laden handle of a large plastic rattle which also adhered to the hem of his satin baby dress. Trying to free his hand only got glue on his remaining free hand and that became stuck to the hem of his baby dress too.  When the girls failed the brothers were more than glad to put "Baby Penelope" in her stroller and strap her in tightly.

Baby Penelope was voted "most adorable" as she was wheeled about campus. After several "feedings" of beer baby Penelope was perfectly content to let "mommy" change her wet diaper. This of course went viral on YouTube especially the segment were baby Penelope got her diaper changed on the 50 yard line,  at half-time of the the biggest game of the season!


"Oh, that is sooo cute now lets get some of you  ironing!"

Lana and Gail caught their little brother "Melvin" snooping in his twin sisters bedroom while "Melanie" and their parents were in Ohio for a week to visit ailing Aunt Erica.

Getting stuck with the petulant and uncooperative Melvin was no treat but suddenly things were looking up!

Melvin knew he was in deep doooo

 Lana looked at the dress and at him and smiled wickedly at Gail.

"Oh look, Melanie is here they must have taken Melvin!"

"So, I see! Well, go on get dressed sweetie don't mind us, just us girls now. Won't we have fun Lana?"

"Oh, yes, just us girls, we can do all sorts of fun girl things.  I know we can make Melanie all pretty and then go to a movie! Now, put on your panties and we will help you get your dress on and find the right socks and shoes." Gail virtually cackled as she motioned Mel to take off his blue jeans.

 At first Mel resisted but when Lana snapped the picture of him in the training bra with her IPhone he knew that he was one swipe of a finger from going viral on his sisters Facebook pages.  His sisters agreed that if "Melanie II"  was a "good girl" all week they would not rat him out. It was a very long week of doing things no boy should have to do but he made it and was never so glad to see his parents and sister return.

"You know Mom and Dad if you ever want to leave Mel with us again it would be fine. He was really a little darling while you were gone," Gail blurted out over dinner while LAna smirked and nodded in agreement.

"Really,  what a nice surprise. Melvin you must be growing up," Mrs. Burke said delighted and wondering if Melvin really was turning pale or if it were her imagination.


"Listen you little rodents I am not a girl!"
A Distinction Without A Difference

Nothing ruins a guys day like running into a pack of Cub Scouts when you are in makeup and dressed like a little girl. That is especially true if the young woman escorting you has a rather evil sense of humor.

As they walk along the trail to where the follies are performed Bobby is fuming and distracted by his "humiliating and ridiculous" much so that he starts down the wrong trail which Lily points out only to be growled at and sooo... now they meet a group of Cub Scouts from a neighboring camp perhaps a mile from where they should be.

The cub scouts were perfectly willing to accept that Bobby was indeed a girl, a girl named "Angelica", when Lily told them that. Things would have been fine accept that Bobby bristled at being called Angelica and let his ego get in the way of common sense. An; "I am," "You Are Not", argument began between Billy and the group that quickly became overheated.

Lilly was annoyed and said authoritatively; "Well, you boys know how to settle this, right?"

After a moment of silence one of the older boys grinned evilly and Lily could see that his realization had spread virally thru the group. The group began to chuckle and move toward "Angelica".

"You stay back, what are they doing...Lily??"

"Well, I am not an expert being a girl myself but I think they are going to pull down your panties and have a look?"

Lily chuckled as "Angelica" ran quite girlishly back up the trail with the Cub Scouts in hot pursuit. Lily followed along and judged from the shrill screams and group laughter that "Angelica's" true nature had been revealed. That was confirmed as the group came running back waving ruffled floral panties and giggling about the "big sissy".

Take Your Daughter To Work Day?
Mommy, I am done...Mommy?

"Amanda", our "little girl" trying to get her "Mommies" attention really owns the company. His name is Noble Barnes. "Mommy",  is/was his trusted administrative assistant Brenda Logan, who has taken advantage of a rather odd work place phenomena to show the office who is actually running things.

It was really quite easy. Brenda merely suggested that he get all dressed up in his favorite sissy outfit and they go in very early and pretend that "Mommy" had taken her daughter to work.

"Oh, don't worry precious, we have plenty of time, now you sit here and color while Mommy does some work, oh, and make Mommy a special poster to hang in her office, sweetie?" Brenda had said as she spread out the Disney Princess coloring books and crayons on a small desk in the corporate daycare center. It was not until all the little girls began to arrive at 8:30 that "Amanda" realized how lost in her fantasy she had become!

"It is ok, sweetie, Mommy sent me to fetch you, Brenda's new administrative assistant said, helping poor Amanda to gather her efforts and scurry off as parents gasped and children giggled.

"Oh, how sweet you made that for Mommy?" Brenda chuckled as Noble appeared in his sissy costume with his crayoned poster.

"Christ, Brenda, you moron! How could you let that happen, I mean, I am oh crap, you are fired!" Noble hissed, crushing the poster and hurling it at Brenda who merely leaned aside to dodge it.

"Did anyone ever tell you that you throw like a little girl?" Brenda said leaning back and taking in her hapless boss.

"I said that you are fired, damn it now get out, or I will call security!" Noble screeched much like a child having a tantrum.

"Security, a good idea sweetie. Beth call our trusted security and take Missy here to that secret time-out room I showed you. I think some pictures of her doing some naughty little girl things with little boys should be persuasive,"

"You bitch, I will...." was all that Noble got out before Brenda slipped the etherized cloth over his face from behind.


When Girl's Bully, Boys Wear Panties!

"Oh no, sissy boy this fun is just starting, Gladis chuckled as she pushed their frilly victim back down into a squatting position so that she could get his Disney Princess back pack in place. They could not have asked for a nicer day to make some hapless sissy boy flounce about in "little girl" drag.

As far as the girls were concerned, "Little Leonard", as his mother called him was a bit of "comic relief" from their usual interactions with boys their age.  Most boys seemed intent upon studying them using some sort of  Braille based technique and tasting any part of their anatomy that was exposed.

"Oh, Please..what if someone sees me like this," Leonard whimpered as Gloria hauled him upright and adjusted his girlish back pack.

"Oh, sweetie, look at you all sweet in your pink ruffles, it really is you Leonard. Oh, that won't do, no, no, Leona, yes "Leona Fellatio!" Janet almost cackled as her girlfriends laughed aloud. Leonard new that Leona was a girls name and yes, he was dressed like some little girl but what was making them laugh so hard?

"Is Fellatio, Italian?" Leonard whispered timidly, finding comfort in his doll and trying to get the pack to sit properly. He would never say anything but his mother made him wear much prettier dresses than the one they had put him in. He flipped out his skirts a bit and twirled daintily unable to resist the lovely feeling of his petticoats against his bare thighs. The girls cramped with laughter over his question and laughed with some disdain over his girly antics.

"Oh, Miss Fellatio, that is something you should save for when we introduce you to that nice man over there," Karen giggled as the group began leading "Miss Fellatio" toward a rather sketchy looking older man reading on a park bench. The man lowered his paper and the girls gave Leonard a push toward him, quickly leaving Leonard to fend for himself.

"My word, is that you Leonard? Don't you look special today?" The man said with a knowing smile and a gentle voice.

"Oh, Mithter Thimpthin, Thith ith thooo embarrath-thing," Leonard lisped fidgeting with his dress and doll all the while smiling sheepishly and batting his lashes. He could not help it, he just felt so adorable and he knew what Mr. Simpson liked. Mr. Simpson visited often at there house and it always seemed to be when Mother had Leonard looking very pretty for the day.

"Mr. Thimp-thin, those mean girls called me Miss Fellatio, and laughed so hard. Is that a funny Italian name?"

"Oh, sweetie, that was very mean of them. Come sit here by me darling. You know when you go out into the garden with me how much you like to help me "relax", how you just gently suck out all of my tension?

"Oh, yeth, I am soooo glad that I a can help." Leonard simpered and swept his dress to take a dainty seat next to Mr. Simpson.

"Well, when you do that nice thing to me, with your mouth, well, that is called "Fellatio," Mr. Simpson said gently patting Leonard's soft plump thigh that his short girlish dress left revealed.

"Oh, how clever of them...I am Miss Fellatio,"  Leonard giggled as he lowered his face into Mr. Simpson's lap where the evidence of extreme tension had been revealed.

I am Telling!
" Jimmy is being mean!"
From Jimmy's perspective tormenting his Sister's boyfriend done up like a sissy for Halloween was better than tormenting a girl!

"Of course you are not a sissy! Now, stop being silly and let's go to Jenny's party," Lorraine said as her little brother kept chasing her soon to be "Ex" around the yard in his ridiculous sissy costume.

"Jenny, you said it was Sarah's party, Jenny I can't go to ...I mean"

"Does it matter Freddie, now go get in the car, ok?"

"Ouch, he pinched me, the little rat pinched my ass, I am gonna, owww!, stop it, that hurts, him to stop!" Freddie wailed as Jimmy ran from behind and pinched Freddie's chubby thighs wickedly.

"Better get in the car Freddie, not sure I can control him sweetie," Lorraine said enjoying the sight and eager to ditch Freddie at Jenny's  party in his sissy drag. For her money, Freddie, seemed a bit too comfy in his new outfit, at least until Jimmy showed up and then he started putting on a show of being upset by her insisting that he wear it.

"Sweetie, don't forget the plug I put in your pretty bottom, we don't want any toxic shock," she said leaving him at Jenny's front door.

"What, where are know about know about Jenny and me? Come back, you can't leave me here like...Jenny?"

"Come in sweetie, Lorraine told me all about your secret, now...hurry!"

Freddie, stumbled forward mesmerized by Jenny's leather attire and especially her whip.


Higher Education?
Big Sissy On Campus

Benny like most boys does not know the difference between dressing like a girl and dressing like a SISSY, after all panties are panties, bras are bras, and dresses are dresses? Right? Well like the rental car commercial says, "not exactly".

Benny full of the reassurances that he looks just like a real girl is off to what he believes is a gender bender beauty contest for the campus Sorority system charity efforts organized by the campus sororities. Again, not exactly.

Benny and a dozen other dupes decked out by and representing each sorority are entered in the "Biggest Sissy On Campus" contest. The contestants will be judged at half-time of the evening basketball game where they will be flounced out on to the court for the amusement of all. Naturally, they are all freshman as no guy who has seen the event would ever get involved.

There is no one to warn the new victims as the previous victims invariably transfer shortly after their public humiliation. It sounds cruel but it raises a lot of money! Worse, Victoria who has been in charge of Benny's sissification has noticed that Benny seems to enjoy being a sissy, at least if his Disney Princess Panties are any indication of his mood.

Mother's Little Darling

"Haven't You Ever Seen A Sissy Boy Before?"

"Young Lady, it really is not polite to stare. Francis is a pathetic sissy but he does have feelings, don't you precious?"

"Yeth, Mith Skidmark," Francis said softly in a clearly masculine falsetto while looking sadly at Valerie as he daintily took a seat on the large boulder and folded his parasol.

"Oh, yes, I am so sorry, I didn't mean to..I just well I don't..." Valerie stammered now realizing that the creature in pink satin that she had watched mincing thru the woods with her governess was actually a HE???

"don't understand what sort of boy goes about like prissy Francis here?" Svetlana Skidmark said with due attention to her disdainful tonality.

"Uh, well, yes, I guess, I mean..." Valerie murmured as she took in whom she considered POOR Francis. The realization that beneath his pink satin and lace costume he was also severely corseted surprised her in an odd way. She herself never hand nor ever would wear a corset!

"Oh, excuse me my name is Valerie, Valerie Plantain, we just moved into the old Hawthorne estate next door."

"Well, Francis, introduce yourself," Ms. Skidmark muttered impatiently.

"Hello, mmy name is Franthis Templeton, very nith to meet you Mith Plantain," Francis lisped softly, then without rising holding out his hand in a limp wristed fashion like a privileged young lady expecting it to be kissed.

"How do you do, sweety," Valerie said despite herself taking the soft hand and squeezing it gently as one might another girls. His nails were long, manicured and lacquered with a "mother of pearl" polish.

"Well we must be going, Francis tires easily and it is getting a bit warm," Ms. Skidmark said motioning her charge to arise. Francise obeyed immediately and was soon standing before Valerie holding his purse and with the open parasol on his dainty shoulders.

"Perhaps, you would come over for tea some afternoon? We could needlepoint together, or read poetry. Oh, and I have a lovely flower garden, would you?"

"Yes, well of course, uh perhaps, it was nice meeting both of you," Valerie said glancing at Ms. Skidmark  who nodded that that would be acceptable.

"Francis darling why don't you start off and I will catch up. I wish a word with Ms. Plantain."

"Yeth Ms. Skidmark," Francis lisped as he began to wriggle off toward his own palatial home.

Valerie noted that his satin shorts zipped up the back and were as tight as any female would wear, and his blouse buttoned up the back as well. The cinching of his waist made his bottom look overly large and womanly and his mincing girlish stride was the stuff of campy drag shows.

"You would be most welcome, Miss. Lady Templeton feels that Francis needs to begin seeing more of the opposite sex. HE will be quite wealthy some day."

"Uh, well which sex would that be, isn't he supposed to be a ...I mean doesn't he wear a dress usually?" Valerie said now completely off balance.

"A dress, good lord dear of course not. Francis has been raised as a submissive sissy. Lady Templeton understands biology, she just believes that males should be subservient. Francis was raised to believe males completely inferior and that it is a privilege to try and be feminine but only real females may wears skirts and dresses." Ms. Skidmark explained as if Valerie had just fallen off a turnip wagon.

"You mean that he isn't...."

"Gay? Oh, Lord no. He is an effeminate, hopeless SISSY, but a strong woman certainly seems to invoke his male attributes; or so I am told by a few young ladies."

"Really, well perhaps I may pay a call then," Valerie mused as she contemplated possibilities and wondered just how rich?

"Oh, excellent, I will tell Francis, he will be so excited."